what we do

We help our clients create powerful and pragmatic solutions to their challenges within the context of the highly pressured and political environments in which they work.

executive coaching

We work with individuals who are curious about making more of a difference in their organisations, or who need support in managing complex changes.

Our executive coaching provides clients with a trusting and open environment in which challenges and tensions are explored, and practical strategies developed for them to experiment with. Clients take accountability for the changes they seek to make and we offer support and challenge around how they might think and act in different situations.  Learn more

team coaching

We work with teams who need to perform under complex, challenging conditions or who need to engage with multiple stakeholder groups to be effective.

Team coaching provides a safe space in which teams engage in one to one and group conversations about how the team can be more effective in achieving its purpose. We advocate a ‘blended’ approach, where meetings combine engagement in business as usual activities with development activities such as observations, reflections and ongoing inquiry. Learn more

leadership transformation

We create innovative development workshops and programmes that support and challenge groups of emerging and senior leaders to transform the way they engage with their teams and organisations. 

Our leadership transformation work provides leaders with a blend of experiential, theoretical and deeply practical learning opportunities to challenge the way they view themselves and exercise their leadership. One of our leadership development programmes was recently selected as a finalist for the 2012 HR Excellence Awards.  Learn more

organisation consulting

We support organisations to achieve their goals by changing the quality of relationships, creating real-time strategies and effective cross-company collaborations and delivering sustainable change.

A typical organisation consulting engagement engages people from across the organisation in an ongoing inquiry about what change needs to take place and how to make it happen. Our work is often highly iterative, and we seek to create a digestible ‘wave’ of change in the organisation that individuals can engage with. Learn more

case studies

leadership development

How to transform managers into your future leaders Learn more

organisational change

How to improve sales results by changing the customer conversation Learn more

strategy development

How to secure an organisation's future in uncertain times Learn more